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Why more college students want to be a sugar baby.

No one wants to be the girl who can not afford concert tickets, not to mention of college fees. Sometimes the stress of seeing how fast bills add up for tuitions, textbooks and all the extras of college life, this is something more than what girls can handle – and that’s when get-rich-fast ideas become very tempting. “My friend and I have always joke,” Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sugar dad to pay for everything? “Bright, 20, from Stockton, California.” But half of me thought, “Yeah, it would be nice.” Girls who are paid for dates with older men are called “sugar babies”, millions of college students nationwide are currently enrolled in another university called university of sugar babies rather than facing their studies, students are dating older men and women as sugar baby.Nearly 300 students at the University of Stockton, California, are becoming sugar babies, according to a study by some concern organization shows that those who are interested in dating pay to meet attractive young men and women or sugar babies.Why college girls want to be a sugar baby?


1: Dates in exchange for money


Every year, colleges increase their course fees, which leaves many students grappling to meet the costs, even after maximizing their education loan limit, more than a few find it necessary to work two or even three part-time jobs to defend themselves. And students have discovered the new way to avoid student loan debt. They do this by giving them sugar babies and give sugar daddies companionship for money. As a sugar baby, college students get paid to offer companionship to their sugar daddies and mommies. And it was said that an average Sugar Babies earn $ 3,000 a month


2: Looking for a different kind of relationship


This does not apply to all sugar dad/sugar baby relationships, but it is certainly for some. Jealousy is not a problem – one can enjoy the company among themselves and also go out and have fun with others. Cheating is the number one reason why relationships fail, but you do not have to worry about it. No worries. And Sugar Daddy is not like the real boyfriend. You both know exactly what the relationship is. He will not scream like a boyfriend when terribly angry at you while throwing your clothes out the door of his house. You will shake hands and part ways in an honorable and civilized way – “Ah sure, it was good while it lasted.” You can stop this kind of relationship whenever you want

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